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Heughers lose out to in form Saracens

Heughers lose out to in form Saracens

Ian Smith11 Feb - 23:51
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Rovers Heughers 12 - 22 Stockton Saracens

The Heughers went down in a hard fought game to a Stockton Saracens side who are on a good run with one defeat in 4 months.

The match went ahead on a clarty but playable New Friarage and it was Stockton who were initially on top with the Heughers not really getting into the game for most of the first half. Rovers defence was excellent though and Stockton only got one unconverted try for their efforts

Rovers were unlucky to go further behind early in the second half when the referee's line of sight was impeded and what looked like a forward pass wasn't seen. That happens in rugby and it is part of our values that we just get on with the game. Stockton were 0-12 ahead with the conversion but Rovers were spurred on and levelled with two tries by our match Michael Tucker. Both were as a result of powerful running with Mick Railton converting the second. 12-12. The game was in the balance but we shot ourselves in the foot somewhat when loose clearing kicks were twice ran back by Stockton for 2 unconverted tries.

FT Rovers Heughers 12 - 22 Stockton Saracens

Congratulations to Stockton on their win. For Rovers there were still some positives to take from the game. In general our defence was very good , numbers were high and we welcomed back several players. Connor White and Anthony Cooper played for the second week running while Liam Wood had his first game of the season and Mick Rugby Ryan had his first game in 5 seasons. Welcome back to all and apologies to anyone who got reduced game time as a result.

K Wright
C Ross
M Lamb
S Vincent
S Railton
C Railton
M Railton
R Flounders
D Arnell
M Tucker
J Evans
A Cooper
D Carroll
J Harrison
J Wintersgill
J Cairns
M Ellis
English Ethan
Irish Ethan
L Wood
T Dean
M Rugby-Ryan
D Charters
C White

Next week we are away at Billingham 3rds with the admirable Anfy Palmer in charge

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