Seal of Approval

The Seal of Approval accreditation programme forms an important part of the drive towards supporting clubs to improve their provision of rugby for young people. It sets standards of quality control that will produce quality rugby clubs across the country.

The RFU Seal of Approval

The Rugby Football Union has introduced the Seal of Approval as a method of examining, maintaining and improving the provision of rugby in the youth section of a rugby club. It aims to recognise the effort and achievement of those clubs that reach and maintain the required standard to meet the various levels of the Seal of Approval.

The Seal of Approval will be used to satisfy the Active Sports Club Registration Criteria for those clubs involved in delivery of the Active Sports Rugby Union Programme.

The criteria for the Sport England �Safe, Effective & Child Friendly Club� mark is integrated within the Seal of Approval. A successful application for the RFU Seal of Approval will achieve the Sport England �Safe, Effective & Child Friendly Club�.

The Programme is based upon a three year Level I, Level II and Level III Award system in which a club will be assessed on its ability to provide a safe, effective and child friendly club environment.

Having completed the Seal of Approval Audit and Evidence File, a club will identify activities or areas that require development over the next 12 months. The club will then produce a realistic development plan based upon these needs, whereupon successful accreditation will have been achieved.

By implementing the first year development plan and having the second year plan approved, a club will qualify for Level II status. The same process in year three will lead to Level III status.

The Award will be an indication of the quality of provision a club offers, and its commitment to the continued development of young rugby players. A club will receive certification to confirm accreditation, both from the Rugby Football Union and Sport England.

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